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Pre-engineered steel construction is one of the most economical building methods today, particularly for large buildings. Jun Construction understands the pre-engineered process and is a Varco Pruden dealer. Varco Pruden is a world leader in the manufacturing of pre-engineered steel buildings. The fact that we are a dealer means we don't use a different manufacturer for every job. We have developed a relationship with Varco Pruden to ensure we are providing a quality building. This helps to ensure a quality relationship with you, our customer. 

Pre-engineered is ideal for retail, warehousing, recreational, churches, and agricultural buildings plus a wide variety of other uses. Pre-engineered can be combined with masonry , glass and many other construction products to enhance the beauty of any project, thus maintaining that pre-engineered is also extremely versatile. Our recently completed "award winning" William BeDell ARC facility demonstrates this versatility. 

Varco Pruden's state of the art computer system allows us to design your building literally in front of your eyes. While our computer generates most of the details for the main building structure it frees up the architect to develop the more important details of your project. This not only saves you money, it speeds up the "sometimes lengthy" design process. 

If you are planning a building call Jun Construction to discuss if a pre-engineered building system is right for your project.